The Ordinary Woman Has a Name

Just who is this ordinary woman who has so many voices? 

Me.  Lisa Bompiani-Smith.  Wife. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Friend. Teacher. Singer. Actress. Crafter. Writer. PhD . . . let’s just say that there are a lot of voices. 

What about me? I love essential oils, geocaching, my front porch, my dog, Christmas and Halloween decorations, the Wizard of Oz, U2, the Goo Goo Dolls, purple, coffee, pumpkin flavored things, flower gardens, driving with the music blasting and the windows down and singing at the top of my lungs, late night silence, shopping at second hand stores and flea markets, being crafty, writing, reading, teaching, . . . 

At 45 years old, I have reached a point in life where all of the voices are starting to talk over one another. I am trying to listen to them all, but some days it’s harder than others.  On August 29, 2012, I had gastric bypass surgery (read about my experience in my former blog, A Journey for a New Beginning), and since that day, I have felt a new sense of life, of being able to do what I want to do and finding ways to do what I want to do, no matter what.  With my incredible husband by my side (literally through thick and thin), every one of those voices can be heard, listened to, and answered. 


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