Fourth Commandment: “Get On Your Boots!”

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I have 750 gagillion irons in the fire, so I always have a lot going on at any given moment. A LOT. Some days, I get angry at myself and declare, “That’s it! I am not volunteering or taking on one more $%@#$%&; responsibility or activity!” And then . . . someone asks . . . I see something or go to something or read something . . . and the number goes from 750 to 751. Just like that. BOOM!

Why? Because I need to “get on my boots,”* or I get nothing finished. Nada. Zilch. Nil. BUT if I “get on my boots” . . . Let me explain.


When I have time (speaking hypothetically, of course), I do not get much accomplished because it can always be done – proverbially – tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and again, it can be done tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and again, it can be done tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and again, it can be done tomorrow. Do you see the vicious cycle?

Now, I know that I can get a bit crazed when my anxiety sets in about accomplishing these 751 gagillion tasks; I get myself all wound up because I have so much to do, and then I feel overwhelmed, and then I do nothing, and then I get mad at myself for taking on so much, and then I get mad at the people who criticize me for taking on so much, and then I get even more crazed, and am – for a bit – paralyzed. I do NOTHING and/or freak out. Or, I play my stupid game (Bubble Witch, don’t judge) on my phone as a way to avoid the 751 gagillion things that need to be done. Bless my Hubby’s heart. He has to deal with my crazy. Then, I “get on my boots” and, like Miranda Lambert’s mother advises, “Go & fix [my] make up, . . . Run & hide [my] crazy & start actin’ like a lady . . . Cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together . . . Even when you fall apart.”

I get more done when I am busy, no doubt. I need deadlines. I need to feel like I have stuff to do, or I do nothing. I have a ridiculous to do list, but I am better at prioritizing that to do list when there are haves in mind than when they are just things that I want to do. The wants will always take a backseat to the haves. Yet, I work better under pressure for some of those haves, too, because I don’t OVERthink them. I just do them.

So, I need to “get on my boots” and get to steppin’. It’s the only way that I get things done. When you find yourself faced with a ton of stuff to do and seemingly no time to do it, find those big girl or boy boots and out them on. It will make all of the difference.


* This is a reference to a U2 song. I love U2. They will be the subject of a blog one of these times.

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